Toy Hunt #47! LOL Surprise EVERYTHING! Advent Calendar – Wave 2 – Bigger Surprise – Bling Series?

Wow, we are on a roll in our toy hunts lately!!

Today’s Mission — LOL Surprise BLing Series! The LOL Surprise Holiday Series. Now we would love to ind the LOL Surprise Supreme Pets, but today was the day the Walmart released the Bling Series and you know us here at Adulting with children are addicted to toy hunting!! We were on a mission to find the Bling Series on their release day!! Did we complete our mission? And what else did we find along the way??? —-

Okay!! we can check one more thing off of our list of must finds!! The LOL Surprise Advent Calendar!! Not to mention Series 4 Wave 2 LOL Surprise Under Wraps Lil Sisters!! We Also found wave 2 pets. They also had a spot for the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise but those were all sold out.

We love toy hunts so make sure you check out our other toy hunts where we able to successfully hunt down;

Lol Surprise Doll Series 4 underwraps wave 1
LOL DOlls Series 4 Lil SIsters
LOL Surprise Doll Series 4 pets
LOL Surprise Pets Series 4 wave 2
LOL Surprise Glam GLitter
Series 4 Wave 2 LOL Surprise
Series 4 LOL Dolls
LOL Surprise Serie 4
LOL Surprise Limited Edition Pop up store and so much more!

We will stay on the hunt for;
LOL Surpirse Holiday Series
LOL Surprise Bling Series
Other fun LOL Surprise Titles
LOL Surprise Supreme Pets and

drum roll please —

LOL Series 5 which was just put on pre order on amazon today!! Here are the numbers; courtesy of Bananas Mom!! Check out her channel!!

UPC: 035051557050
DPCI: 08-02-7707

UPC: 035051557067
DPCI: 08-02-7707

What would you be most excited to find on your next toy hunt? Let us know in the comments!!