LOL Surprise Big Surprise Fake LOL Dolls Real Vs Fake LOL Surprise Dolls LOL Series 5 Hair Goals

LOL Surprise Big Surprise FAKE! Fake hair goals LOL Dolls unboxed! We compare real LOL dolls to FAKE LOL Surprise dolls. This LOL Big Surprise ball says it is a LOL Surprise Hair Goals Big Surprise and part of the LOL Surprise Makeover Series 5. But inside it says it part of Series 3 which is LOL Confetti Pop… Then there are LOL Under Wraps clues, what is this giant FAKE LOL ball that we are unboxing?!

We’re also unboxing LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, LOL Lils & #hairgoals LOL Dolls! All of the LOL Surprise Lils are color changers and all of the hair goals LOL dolls are all color changing LOL dolls with the exception of the two Glitterati LOL dolls. The LOL Surprise #hairgoals Makeover Series LOL dolls are AKA LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 3. These LOL dolls come in all new hairspray packaging and most have real rooted hair that makes them look like LOL Surprise Barbie dolls!

Our LOL doll unboxing videos are fun & family friendly YouTube kids toy review videos! Did you see our LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps McDonald’s Happy Meal & Our Custom LOL Surprise The Grinch Movie Happy Meal videos yet?! We even made an LOL Surprise #hairgoals Series 5 custom McDonalds Happy Meal!

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