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LOL Surprise Series 4 wave 2 Pets are here! We are unboxing a full case of the Series 4 wave 2 LOL pets! Today we unbox Unicorns pet, Unipony and complete the LOL Surprise Unicorn Family! We can’t wait to unbox more new wave 2 pets for our LOL Dolls We’ve been unboxing a ton of the LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps Big Sisters dolls too, make sure you don’t miss those LOL Surprise Videos! The LOL Surprise Eye Spy series with the LOL decoder is amazing! Our LOL doll Videos are fun and family friendly YouTube kids videos!

Did you see our LOL Surprise Series 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Video Yet? Inside is a series 4 LOL Ball it could be the LOL Surprise Under Wraps Big Sisters, the LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets, or the LOL Series 4 Lil Sisters! Plus, don’t forget, we have the full LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps Big Sisters checklist reveal! We’ve been unboxing LOL Surprise Series 4 pets, the LOL Surprise Series 4 Lil Sisters and the NEW LOL Surprise glam glitter series! We recently shared what LOL Surprise Pets are coming in LOL Series 4 wave 2, check it out! Don’t forget to check out our L.O.L. Surprise Series 4 Lil Sisters Checklist Reveal as well. If you want to find out what’s in store for LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 2 Check Out Our Video with the LOL Surprise decoder as we reveal if we are getting girl or boy LOL dolls in Wave 2! We also have pictures of the LOL Surprise dollhouse!

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Below you’ll see a full list of Series 4 LOL dolls! We’ve got the LOL Surprise Series 4 Big Sisters Under Wraps, the LOL Surprise Series 4 Lil Sister and the LoL Surprise Series 4 Pets and now LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 2 Pets!

LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 2 Pets

The Glitterati
Independent Meow
Madame Pup

Glam Club
Flower Doodle
Black Stripe

Chill Out Club
Posh Pup

Theater Club
Ancient Meow

Athletic Club
Purrfect Spike
Short Stop Hop

Nap Club
Sleepy Buns
Sleeping Barky

Rock Club
Punk H.O.G.
Grunge Skunnnk

Retro Club
Foxy Flyer

S.T.E.M. Club
Can Do Kitty

LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets Wave 1

The Glitterati
The Pony
Sugar Squeak
Sugar Sneak

Opposites Club
Dawn Pooch
Dusk Raven

Glam Club
Miss Skunk

Chill Out Club
Snow Bunny Cozy Kitty

Theater Club
Angel Wings
Coco Hammy

Athletic Club
Touchdown Rufferee
Hop Hop Sprints

Spirit Club
Teachers Owl

Nap Club
Le Skunk Bebe

Rock Club
Cheeky Hedgehog
Funky Kat

LOL Surprise Series 4 Clubs & Dolls

Big Sisters

The Glitterati
Bling Queen

Glam Club
As If Baby
The Great Baby

Chill Out Club
Big City B.B.

Storybook Club
Kansas Q.T.

Athletic Club
Drag Racer
Caddy Q.T.

Retro Club
Soul Babe

Pop Club
80’s B.B.

Art Club
Pop Heart

Spooky Club

The Glitterati:
Lil Goo-Goo Queen
Lil Bling Queen

24k Gold:
Lil Luxe

Glam Club
Lil As If Baby
The Lil Great Baby
Lil Royal High-Ney

Chill Out Club
Lil Big City B.B.
Lil Babe In The Woods

Storybook Club
Lil Kansas Q.T.
Lil Tinz
Lil Goodie

Athletic Club
Lil Drag Racer
Lil Spike

Retro Club
Lil Soul Babe
Lil Boogie Babe

Pop Club
Lil 80’s B.B.
Lil Fierce

Art Club
Lil Pop Heart
Lil Shapes

Spooky Club
Lil Countess
Lil Thrilla

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